Peterborough Branch Of The Triumph Owners Club.

The club attracts a wide and varied range of members from diverse backgrounds and ages. With over a hundred and eighty five members. We've everything from 1950's Thunderbird to the latest Triumph Thunderbird. 

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We don't distinguish any difference between Meriden or Hinckley produced Triumphs, and we won't bat an eyelid if you decide to ride a non Triumph motorcycle on a branch run.


Branch History - The Early Years.

John W 

Peterborough Branch, the early years.

By Mick Barrett  - Ex Peterborough Chair, and National Vice President Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club.

In September 2009 a small group of Triumph enthusiasts gained the required number of members to become an official Branch of the Triumph Owners MCC. Until that time, amazingly, there had never been a Branch of the TOMCC in Cambridgeshire, the home of the biggest motorcycling event in the UK, the BMF Rally.


It all started some months earlier. TOMCC members Kevin Godfree and John White wanted to form a Branch closer to home, in or around Peterborough.


Garage Parties


 Dave demonstrates the use of diagnostic software on Pauls Sprint GT

We don't retreat to the pub when the weather closes in. One of the very many advantages of belonging to a Branch is the pool of knowledge thats available to those who run into trouble. 

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Or simply want to save on dealer servicing costs. From ECU re-mapping / fault diagnosis to total engine rebuilds.

Over the last few years we've replaced clutches, pistons, looms, and generally fixed members bikes. Often saving hundreds of pounds of labour costs. 

Recently Dave ( Chair ) demonstrated the use of Laptop based ECU diagnostic software.


Getting Involved - Meet New Friends

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The Next Seven Days

Keep an eye on this page, it'll list the latest runs. However the forum will always be the place to check for last minute changes to plans. This page is only a rough guide. Login to see the latest runs / events.

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We have A Midweek run proposal by Keith for the Norfolk Coastline, please login to read further details.