We don't distinguish any difference between Meriden or Hinckley produced Triumphs, and we won't bat an eyelid if you decide to ride a non Triumph motorcycle on a branch run.,

We frequently see our members on their Kawasaki's, Harley's and Ducati Motorcycles.

All bikes are welcome.The branch is very active with events and runs, whilst attending shows and rallies throughout the UK and Europe.

The membership owns and rides a wide range of classic and modern Triumph motorcycles, and as such holds a vast pool of knowledge on all things motorcycle and motorcycling, from dealership deals, servicing, clothing repairs / alterations, the latest techno gadgetry to the witchcraft contained in gearboxes.  

We rely heavily on modern communication tools to stay in touch with our growing membership, which todate numbers 185+ at the branch in Stilton. Along with, of course, the more traditional meet down the pub on a Wednesday night. That’s a pub with a pool table and a well stocked juke box and cellar.

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The website and forums play an integral part in how the branch functions, and as such to really get the most from your membership it’s important that you log in and participate on the website and forum pages to keep abreast of upcoming runs, events, and of course to access that pool of knowledge and help should you require it.

To us it’s just about riding your motorcycle and having a laugh, everything else can wait.

We meet every Wednesday evening from 8pm at the Talbot Inn, Stilton which is the first pub on the right as you enter Stilton from the A1. Postcode for the pub is PE7 3RP 

Just a few of the things we get up to !

Garage Parties

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Garage parties are held throughout the year, often when the weathers not warm enough to be out and about. From clutches, gearboxes to our latest party in Jan 2014 where a branch member taught several mates how to tune and diagnose faults via laptop. 

European Tours

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Although we took a break last year, in 2014 were back with a vengance. 2011/2013 we spent long weekends exploring France, Belgium and Holland. Visiting the Battlefields of World 1. Basing ourselves in a very comfortable farmhouse B&B we explored the battlefields. Even going underground exploring the tunnels of Arras. Planning is in the early stages, but to commemorate the outbreak of World War I we'll be returning to the area. 


Branch History - The Early Years.

John W 

Peterborough Branch, the early years.

By Mick Barrett  - Ex Peterborough Chair, and National Vice President Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club.

In September 2009 a small group of Triumph enthusiasts gained the required number of members to become an official Branch of the Triumph Owners MCC. Until that time, amazingly, there had never been a Branch of the TOMCC in Cambridgeshire, the home of the biggest motorcycling event in the UK, the BMF Rally.


It all started some months earlier. TOMCC members Kevin Godfree and John White wanted to form a Branch closer to home, in or around Peterborough.


Garage Parties & Workshops

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 Several Members Help Restore a 1966 D7 BSA

We don't retreat to the pub when the weather closes in. One of the very many advantages of belonging to a Branch is the pool of knowledge thats available to those who run into trouble. 

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Or simply want to save on dealer servicing costs. From ECU re-mapping / fault diagnosis to total engine rebuilds.

Over the last few years we've replaced clutches, pistons, looms, and generally fixed members bikes. Often saving hundreds of pounds of labour costs. 

Recently Dave ( Chair ) demonstrated the use of Laptop based ECU diagnostic software.


Branch Runs

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It has to be said, were not early risers the winning formula seems to be meeting on a Sunday around 10.30 / 11am with multiple meet points. 

Were not fast riders, and bikes from the 1950's are at home with the very latest models from Hinckley. We have two runs officers on the committee, but in truth several keen members regularly offer to lead. 


We don't have many rules, all we ask is that you ride offset and keep a keen eye on the bike in front and behind. If the bike behind stops you stop. 

We'll typically get 12/15 bikes on a popular run and during the hottest part of the summer this can swell to 30+ bikes. Certainly a sight to behold.